To our loyal community,

On 8th October 2021, we officially launched and within an hour, sold out Season 1 of our NFTs. Thank you for believing in the ADA Ninjaz.

Although we did sell out, it was not without a hiccup.

Due to human error, we published the incorrect sale…

948 A.D. — Rural Ninava, Lakontey Province

Breathing like an animal and surrounded by his burning workshop, Tsukuyomi looked down at Mizuki. She was as beautiful as the day they had married. Yet after a whole life spent together since childhood, here she was, lifeless on the floor.

The blood…

924 A.D. — Rural Ninava, Lakontey Province

924 A.D. — Rural Ninava, Lakontey Province

As he returned from the village with the supplies for the following week, Tsukuyomi saw Mizuki sitting, shifting nervously as if stressed. The moment she saw him, she began to run towards him.

“What’s wrong?!” Tsukuyomi…

948 A.D. — Rural Ninava, Lakontey Province

“Tsuku, you’d say we have a close relationship, right?”


“One based on trust and perhaps even loyalty that was grown and cherished since we were younger, right?”

“Iwaro, of course…”

“A relationship which bonds us in a way few things could get…

To our incredible community,

We are now less than a week away from launch.

Continue reading below to hear from the ADA Ninjaz team about all the details and clarification on the approach to the pre-sale and public sale of our NFTs.

Key Information

Pre-sale commences on 8 October at 8 AM UTC and last for 12 hours.

  • A maximum of 1 NFT per whitelisted member.

948 A.D. — Lakontey Mountain Mines

Iwaro, a plump and grumpy man, short in stature but loud in character, walked by his cart, his beast of burden, a weak looking donkey, pulling it with all his waning might. The cart was loaded — perhaps excessively so for the tired creature…

Team ADA Ninjaz

The World’s first community-driven NFT, manga & anime series on the Cardano blockchain

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