The Partners & Team Taking ADA Ninjaz to the Next Level

To our community,

The last 5 days have been incredible on the ADA Ninjaz front. We have gained over 1100 Discord server members (all organically without, and we say this proudly, a single invite competition).

It can confidently be said that the ADA Ninjaz Community is vibrant, engaged, and buzzing!

Topping this off, behind the amazing community there is an equally brilliant team, to whom these introductions do not by any means do justice but read on to learn more about the ADA Ninjaz partners.

Announcing Our Core Partners

NFT-Maker Pro

First and foremost, the ADA Ninjaz devs’ are absolutely delighted to announce that NFT-Maker Pro will lead the development of the backend solution and help us launch our project on the Cardano blockchain.

This, of course, means that the Godfather of Cardano NFTs himself, Patrick Tobler, will be working directly with the ADA Ninjaz team to ensure that we launch as smoothly as possible.

It is critical that we get this right and Patrick and the team at NFT-Maker Pro are the best people in the Cardano space to make this happen.

The saying sort of goes — if you’ve got Patrick onboard a Cardano project, you can rest assured things will be as smooth as they can be on the backend front, as he is second-to-none when it comes to all backend solutions on Cardano.

This incredible addition to the team also further validates the plans and ideas of the ADA Ninjaz project.

Le4f Agency

Secondly, Le4f Agency will lead the development of the front-end solution. Led by CEO, Kristian Portz, they will create a classic and timeless website for us to share the vision and story that is the ADA Ninjaz universe.

Kristian comes with his wealth of knowledge in the Cardano space, having recently (and successfully) helped launch a few other CNFTs.

With a superb team that is highly experienced in creating a user interface that is engaging, accessible, and most importantly in sync with the Cardano backend, this partnership will enable ADA Ninjaz to really take its front-end to the next level.

Ignacio J. Durruty

Additionally, ADA Ninjaz has brought on the master storyteller, Ignacio J. Durruty. A sublime wordsmith, Ignacio possesses significant prowess when it comes to creating stories in fictional universes and screenwriting. His works have received a long list of accolades, particularly in the cinematic space, including, but not limited to:

  • 2nd place - 2019 Barcelona Film Festival
  • Finalist - 2019 Amsterdam Film Festival
  • Finalist - 2019 Davinci Film Festival
  • Semi-finalist - 2019 TMFF
  • Official Selection - 2019 Las Vegas International film & Screenwriting Competition

The world that Ignacio is developing is in-depth, riveting and to put it simply, incredible! Be sure to visit his website and learn more about him here.

Mirai Music Productions

Lastly, but by no means the least, ADA Ninjaz will also be working with Mirai Music Productions, a super Los Angeles-based music production duo that has been onboarded to develop an original soundtrack for ADA Ninjaz.

Lead by Riccardo Lovatto and Jacopo Mazza, they will take charge of all things music, transcending written words into sounds and music that will be nothing short of breathtaking.

Riccardo, a music composer, is well-versed in the music of anime and manga, having lived in Japan for several years taught seminars at universities there, whilst playing at Jazz clubs all over the country. In 2018, his first recording “Shinnen” reached the “Top 300 All Genre” chart of Deezer South Korea.

Hence, it is of no surprise that they are exactly who the ADA Ninjaz team was looking for to produce the OST.

Why Specifically These Partnerships?

Our project is not just any avatar NFT project. We are an NFT project on the Cardano blockchain and with a core focus on also the development of manga and anime. We are also the first of our kind to deliver such a Cardano NFT project.

This means we need to be skilled in both the technical components and the storytelling and manga design components.

We are not waiting for the sale of our NFTs to start work on our products. We are committed to providing value to the community as of right now.

NFT-Maker Pro will bring the benefits of Cardano blockchain technology into our community.

Our storyteller Ignacio will develop the vibrant and world that is the ADA Ninjaz lore and universe.

Le4f agency will bring that lore and vision to life and communicate it visually through a website.

Our music production team will bring written words and visuals to life through the sound of music.

Combing all these together means that what may have been a great project will now mean over-the-top greatness in terms of story, branding, overall design, and lastly, community engagement.

What Can the Community Expect in the Coming Week?

This week you can expect to hear more from the devs about the:

  • development roadmap;
  • whitelisting;
  • announcement of the launch date; and
  • additional information on the co-founders.

In the meantime, there will be daily giveaways and competitions, random lotteries, bonuses from games, XP gains on our discord server, and of course, lots of sneaky peeks and NFT reveals!

We are thriving, alive, and kicking and that is only because of you, your trust in the ADA Ninjaz, and all that you are doing to support us.

The team is making sure the community is involved in all of these processes as much as possible and working hard to incorporate YOUR suggestions, ideas, and tips in making ADA Ninjaz a success and going to (no, not the moon) Alpha Centauri, well beyond the moon!

If you haven’t already, be sure to head to the ADA Ninjaz discord server, and stay tuned to all the announcements and updates.

Stay tuned for more…!



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