The Road Ahead — ADA Ninjaz

To our loyal community,

On 8th October 2021, we officially launched and within an hour, sold out Season 1 of our NFTs. Thank you for believing in the ADA Ninjaz.

Although we did sell out, it was not without a hiccup.

Due to human error, we published the incorrect sale wallet address on our website. This, on top of the high demand for our NFTs, resulted in many individuals not being able to mint an ADA Ninjaz NFT.

Fortunately, the wallet address provided was one the team used for giveaways. All transactions sent to the incorrect sale wallet address should now see their ADA refunded, which was processed well within 36 hours. We added a small buffer of 1 ADA to ensure transaction fees were covered.

To ensure that this mistake never happens again, for all future NFT drops we will be implementing the following:

  • We will only publish the NFT sale wallet address in one location — our website.
  • 6 Eyes Principle - that a minimum of three people must confirm the sale wallet address before it is uploaded onto the website (perhaps this principle can also be incorporated into our lore but we shall see).

The team will also go live a few hours after every launch to provide an update to the community.

With refunds, all processed, our priority now is to focus on delivering upon the below compensation plan and proposed development roadmap.

Compensation Plan

For those who sent funds to the incorrect wallet address we have committed to the following:

  • Guaranteed whitelist for Season 2 — The Atsuko Clan;
  • Exclusive ‘The Forgotten Spirit’ NFT airdrop; and
  • Exclusive access to purchase a one-off limited edition hoodie.

Individuals will only be able to claim one whitelist spot, irrespective of the number and total value of their transactions.

The Forgotten Spirit NFT airdrop will come with a unique utility that plays a role in our manga and lore, providing a slight advantage and novelty as it relates to the interaction between clans (more details to be provided in the coming days).

Yes, these NFTs will also be very different to the Ninjaz, and limited to how many are claimed as compensation.

The one-off limited edition hoodie will be available to purchase

The guaranteed whitelist, exclusive NFT & limited edition hoodie access has to be claimed. It is not an automatic entry to everyone nor an automatic airdrop to all transactions. We are preserving the value of the whitelist spot and NFT drop to only those willing to participate.

Details on how to claim each of the above will be announced via our Discord and Twitter.

We ask for your patience and request 1 week to set all of this up and make it a fulfilling experience for all of you.

And to our existing Ninjaz holders (of the Aramar Clan), we thank you, amidst all of this, for your patience as well, and want to assure you that you will continue to get the benefits of the utility of ADA Ninjaz as previously mentioned, and we will continue to announce these details in the coming weeks.

The Road Ahead

It has only been 3 days since the launch of Season 1 of our NFTs and we have already achieved the top 24 of all time in trading volume as recorded by OpenCNFT.

As we continue to deliver on our manga and clothing label, we expect our brand to only grow stronger and stronger each day.

In no order of priority we will:

  • Finalize the finer details of the compensation plan;
  • Ramp up the production of our manga series (including bringing on new team members to enable this);
  • Develop our storefront and release the first collection of ADA Ninjaz hoodies; and
  • Finalize the infrastructure that will allow NFT holders to cast their votes and decide on the future of the ADA Ninjaz universe.

Thank you again to our loyal and supportive community. We would not be here without you.



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