Our One Year Development Roadmap

ADA Ninjaz — Product Release Roadmap

Q4 2021

Launch of season 1 NFTs

  • The Aramar Clan (The Guardians)
  • 8 AM UTC, 8 October 2021 — Pre-sale
  • 8 PM UTC, 8 October 2021 — Public sale
  • 8888 NFTs
  • 58 ADA per mint
  1. It allows us to focus on the continued development of each clan’s lore and story.
  2. It means the community gets to be involved in the overall look and feel of each subsequent clan.

ADA Ninjaz Music theme release

ADA Ninjaz origin manga story — The story of the blacksmith

The Aramar clan music theme release

Launch of clothing label (Winter collection)

Q1 2022

Release of the complete original soundtrack (OST)

Launch of Season 2 NFTs — The Atsuko Clan (December/January).

The Atsuko origins manga series.

Continuation of the ADA Ninjaz manga series

Release of S2 clothing label (Spring collection)

Surprise announcement 1

Q2 2022

Launch of Season 3 NFTs — The Daisuke Clan (March/April)

The Daisuke origins manga series

Continuation of the ADA Ninjaz manga series

Bonus soundtrack

Release of S3 clothing label (Summer collection)

Planning commences for ADA Ninjaz web series

Q3 2022

Season 1 finale of ADA Ninjaz Manga series

The first drop of teasers for the ADA Ninjaz web series

Surprise announcement 2

Future — TBA



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