Meet the ADA Ninjaz Team

The time has finally come to meet the ADA Ninjaz team. Not too long ago you were introduced to the incredible ADA Ninjaz partners, including Patrick Tobler, LE4F Agency, Ignacio J Durruty & Mirai Music, whom you can read about here.

Now take a trip through the Ninjaz universe, meet the devs, the designers, the artists, the social media gurus and the strategists!

ADA Ninjaz Devs

Tommy Bui

Co-founder, CEO, and Project Manager

Tommy is an ex-government officer turned cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiast. From the moment he was introduced to blockchain technology in early 2021, he has been fascinated by the endless benefits that this technology can have on the environment and the world at large.

Combining his bachelor’s degree in business and his work experience as an organisational transformation project manager, Tommy brings with him a wealth of experience to support the effective and strategic delivery of ADA Ninjaz.

Adaptability, value generation, and speed of implementation are what drives him to continually improve. As a strategic thinker and problem solver, Tommy loves to chase new ideas whilst challenging the status quo. Brainstorming sessions and future concepts are the environments in which he thrives.

What excites him the most is the ability of NFTs to create strong communities. He has never experienced such vibrant, loyal, and inviting groups of communities, especially within the online and virtual environment.

His vision one day is for ADA Ninjaz to be something more than just an avatar project. His vision is for ADA Ninjaz to continually generates value for its owners, whether it be the implementation of royalties, VIP access, passive income, improved governance, or just plain old fun. He is ready to tackle anything and everything that the world of blockchain has to throw at him.

Forever an optimist. Always bullish on life. Together we rise. That’s his motto.

Based in Australia. Known as BladeZ on Discord. You can connect with Tommy on Twitter.

Zushan Hashmi

Co-founder, COO, and Community Lead

Zushan has a background in the social sciences, formerly an academic and a policy expert, he has taken the leap into the beautiful world of NFTs & crypto.

Community is what got him into crypto and NFTs, and community is what he focuses on nurturing and supporting. Originally from Pakistan, Zushan has been fortunate enough to live in 6 cities in 3 countries, including the United Arab Emirates where he was raised and of course, Australia.

This multi-perspectivism has shown him the importance of working with communities, enabling and promoting diverse means of thought and bringing on board ideas that enable growth through unique means.

With an undergraduate degree in Commerce and Social Sciences and a postgraduate degree in International Relations, Zushan has worked in a range of different spaces and industries, including academia, foreign relations, philanthropy, policy writing and running his own startup. Also, he was once a barista at Starbucks!

He genuinely believes in a world where cryptocurrencies are implemented into everyday life, and whether the market is bullish or bearish, he is certain this is the future. Through his experiences and knowledge in understanding sociology and social interactions, he cannot emphasise enough how important the NFT space is in a global context, and how much growth and development the space still has to see!

Zushan envisions ADA Ninjaz as the premier Manga project in the NFT world and beyond. And the passion from the community has further empowered his beliefs in everything ADA Ninjaz.

When not working (which is almost never nowadays), Zushan enjoys chilling with his family & friends, listening to hip hop, freestyle rapping at parties, and climbing/squash!

Based in Australia. Known as NinjaShaz on Discord. You can connect with Zushan on Twitter and Linkedin.

ADA Ninjaz Team

EJ Boac

Operations Manager

Marketing communication specialist with experience in sports, NFTs, and retail business. Your go-to guy and all-around Ninja! Wouldn’t survive the day without coffee. Former DLSU Green Shuttlers Team captain, and former member of the Philippine National Badminton Team.

Based in The Philippines. Known as EliaZ on discord.

Laia Fernandez

Marketing Strategist

Marketing strategist specialised in e-commerce, blockchain and startups. In her zone of genius, when creating out of the box strategies. You’ll find her out on adventures around Indonesia when not on her laptop!

Based in Indonesia.

Sara Todic

Twitter Manager

Marketing pro with experience in startups, cannabis, and crypto. Best at creating loyal communities on different social platforms. When not online, you’ll find her reading fantasy novels and Terry Pratchett.

Based in Serbia.

Rai Saleem

Game Developer

Rai Saleem is a cross-platform game programmer with a professional understanding of the game industry culture & evolution. From 2011, he has developed and published many gaming products ranging in different genres while leading teams for several complex tasks such as designing and programming the UI, game mechanics, artwork, quality, monetization and seamless deliverable model.

Based in Pakistan.

ADA Ninjaz Designers


Lead Designer

Our lead designer, Vivek, is an introvert at heart and will share his identity with the world once he’s comfortable and feels like the time is right. We respect and support his decision and recognise why this might be a challenging step for him.

Ardee Arollado

Lead Manga Artist

Ardee Arollado is a professional manga artist with years of experience currently residing in Manila, Philippines. He published a couple of comics locally and founded Cosmic Cube Comics.

Based in the Philippines.

Faisal Abdus Salam

Lead NFT Artist

Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist, follower of prophet Muhammad, smiling designer, cartoon-style illustrator, My little pony illustrator in Indonesia, and currently living here.

Based in Indonesia.

Miralie Solano

Lead Graphics

Marketing Designer specialised in the creative process of presenting and communicating a message through visual imagery. She’s usually quiet, but you can read her mind by staring at her art.

Based in the Phillipines.

This is the amazing ADA Ninjaz team, and it may seem huge already, but remember, this is just the beginning!

For information on how to join our team or view any openings, please contact us at



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Team ADA Ninjaz

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