An Introduction to ADA Ninjaz

A big warm welcome to all,

Welcome to the ADA Ninjaz family.

ADA Ninjaz is a community-driven NFT, manga, and anime series on the Cardano blockchain.

The ADA Ninjaz team is happy to announce that Medium will be the core broadcasting and publishing channel for the project.

This is where you will be learning about the story and the lore that is the ADA Ninjaz universe, announce major updates, publish deep dives into key issues within the NFT space, and share with you our vision for the future.

Our goal with these posts is to provide the appropriate level of transparency that is often missing in other NFT projects.

If this interests you please ensure you subscribe to us on Medium. For a more direct and fluid engagement with the ADA Ninjaz team and community, head on over to our Discord and start mingling away!

In the meantime, below is a quick introduction to ADA Ninjaz.

What is ADA Ninjaz?

The first ADA Ninjaz NFT teaser

The ADA Ninjaz NFT is a collection of randomly generated 2D avatars. The designs are inspired by the popular Seinen anime art style, combining attributes from traditional ninja lore with modern-day clothing assets.

The lore will be focused around a raging war between 3 individual clans (more details to come), each with their own unique identity and reason for fighting for their clan’s survival.

On top of collectible NFTs, ADA Ninjaz will be the world’s first community-driven manga series. Owners of ADA Ninjaz NFTs will be given voting power to decide the ultimate fate of each clan.

Founded by two friends whose goal is to develop one of the strongest anime communities within the NFT space. We want to show the world how incredibly fun, intelligent, and powerful the anime community is and that all of us can do anything when united as one.

This is a tribute to the digital age, ADA Ninjaz is taking the themes of manga and anime that billions of people grew up in love with, integrating it with blockchain technology, and opening up a world of opportunities within the metaverse, both for developers and the future community.

Our vision

Imagine a world where like-minded Ninjaz come together to engage, play, and just have good old fashion fun.

Maybe it's in the physical realm, with clan meetups to discuss the latest news on all things ADA Ninjaz and anime.

Perhaps it’s in the virtual realm, where you can log in as your purchased NFT and fight in a battle royale-style tournament, or even attend a virtual music festival.

What if, instead of watching your favorite 2D anime on a computer monitor, you get to watch it in 3D and from the point of view of your favorite character?

This is the future and vision of the ADA Ninjaz ecosystem.

We aren’t just bringing manga into the NFT-universe. We are striving for something so much more while respecting and appreciating the beauty of the NFT world and community.

The ADA Ninjaz team aims to see Ninjaz merchandise worn by groups of friends around the streets.

For it to be represented at comic-cons and people to cosplay as their favorite ADA Ninjaz.

And of course, to have developed multiple successful indie platformer games enjoyed by millions of gamers.

These ambitions are big, but with you — the investors and supporters, the incredible people already associated with ADA Ninjaz, and of course, the wider NFT community, this is possible.

Why Cardano?

Firstly, the whole of ADA Ninjaz thanks the team over at Ethereum who have been able to deliver an incredible smart contract platform for NFTs to thrive. Without such adoption, the ADA Ninjaz concept may not have had reason to exist.

That being said, it is well understood that the biggest constraint, by far, on the current Ethereum network is the network congestion and consequently high gas (transaction) fees. There are so many issues that come with this, from gas wars through to lost money from failed transactions.

For example, a recent NFT sale cost users $790,000 in failed Ethereum transactions. That alone is enough in transaction fees to purchase an entirely new set of NFTs!

But the biggest problem that we see too often is that smaller buyers (<$500 to invest in NFTs) are immediately priced out of most, if not all big NFT launches. Say you only have $200 to spend on NFTs this month, then paying the same, if not more, in gas fees to buy an NFT, isn’t plausible.

Ethereum is therefore currently a play area for the big boys with big money. That is unfortunately not fair for the smaller investors, the ones who want to grow their understanding of this space, grow their NFT collection, and more often than not, feel a part of a virtual community.

This is why we’ve decided to launch our NFT collectibles on the Cardano blockchain — so that the smaller players have a chance at owning their very own NFT and also be part of this amazing community.

Additionally, the ADA Ninjaz team believes in the Cardano ecosystem. It is okay that the Cardano ecosystem is still young, with smart contracts not yet really mature. We are young too.

The beauty of a growing blockchain protocol is that we get ample time to also work on developing our product range and offering. The ADA Ninjaz Team is in this for the long haul.

I want to join the community, what do I do next?

This is fantastic news!

First, head on over to the ADA Ninjaz Discord channel and say hello!

Alternatively, you can stay up-to-date with all things Ninjaz on Twitter.

At the time of publishing, the launch campaign has only just begun!

In the coming days and weeks the team will publish more information around:

  1. The launch of the ADA Ninjaz website and official sale date.
  2. Who the team are (the development and design team).
  3. The story and lore of the ADA Ninjaz universe.
  4. Transparency in the initial allocations/giveaways of NFTs.

Stay tuned for much more…!



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