An Introduction to ADA Ninjaz

What is ADA Ninjaz?

The first ADA Ninjaz NFT teaser

Our vision

Imagine a world where like-minded Ninjaz come together to engage, play, and just have good old fashion fun.

Why Cardano?

Firstly, the whole of ADA Ninjaz thanks the team over at Ethereum who have been able to deliver an incredible smart contract platform for NFTs to thrive. Without such adoption, the ADA Ninjaz concept may not have had reason to exist.

I want to join the community, what do I do next?

This is fantastic news!

  1. The launch of the ADA Ninjaz website and official sale date.
  2. Who the team are (the development and design team).
  3. The story and lore of the ADA Ninjaz universe.
  4. Transparency in the initial allocations/giveaways of NFTs.



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Team ADA Ninjaz

Team ADA Ninjaz

The World’s first community-driven NFT, manga & anime series on the Cardano blockchain