ADA Ninjaz - Launch Update

Key Information

Pre-sale commences on 8 October at 8 AM UTC and last for 12 hours.

  • A maximum of 1 NFT per whitelisted member.
  • 1,000 NFTs available to be minted.

Public sale commences on 8 October at 8 PM UTC and lasts until all NFTs are sold.

  • A maximum of 5 NFTs per transaction.
  • 7,888 NFTs available to be minted.

58 ADA cost to mint each NFT for both sales.


The pre-sale commences 8th October at 8 AM UTC.

Public Sale

ADA Ninjaz will be using the wallet drop method of minting the NFTs.

Pre-Mint Allocation Transparency

  • 30 NFTs allocated for internal staff, partners and our incredible community moderators. A small buffer of approximately 10 NFTs have been included for when manga production ramps up and new staff are onboarded.
  • 70 NFTs allocated for pre-launch raffles, contests and giveaways, of which at the time of writing, 61 have been already awarded.
  • 200 NFTs allocated for post-launch raffles and giveaways.
  1. The recommended wallets to use, to purchase your ADA Ninjaz NFT.
  2. What to expect at the time of launch, specifically network congestion and how to best prepare for the drop!



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Team ADA Ninjaz

Team ADA Ninjaz


The World’s first community-driven NFT, manga & anime series on the Cardano blockchain